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09/21/14 08:57 PM #17    

Sterling Colborn

Hi Everyone!

Like Suzie, we also have prior plans for Saturday evening, but would love to join in at State Street Grille on Friday evening. Keep us informed!

Look forward to seeing everyone again!


09/22/14 12:34 PM #18    

Karen Ostroski (Wetherby)

Greetings from Florida! I had so much fun last year, I swore I'd be back in a year and here we are already. Arriving in Phili Thursday night, 10/23. At Mag Gerrity's mercy for the weekend - she's got the wheels! Can't wait to see everyone again!

09/22/14 02:36 PM #19    

Kathy Zyla (Herridge)

Hi everyone...It will be nice to get together again, I will see you Friday nite, possibly Saturday...

Kath Zyla Herridge

09/22/14 03:27 PM #20    

Beverly Nealon (Walsh)

I'm still sorry i missed the reunion and thought the next time I would be a definite.  Unfortunately, I can't make it this weekend either. but I would love to get together.  If there are any locals that would like to get together on a Friday or Saturday for drinks/cocktails, please let me know.  

09/23/14 03:39 PM #21    

Maryann Spellman (Young)

Hope to attend Friday night and the game on Saturday. Thanks to the planners.

09/24/14 11:14 PM #22    

Leslie Jones (Swentosky)

I plan to join everybody on Friday night.  However, on Saturday I have made other plans.

Leslie Jones Swentosky

09/25/14 01:23 PM #23    

Brian Calvey

Thanks Teg and all...I'm there.


09/26/14 09:27 AM #24    

Carla Mulford

Sorry to miss out yet again on what sounds like a fun gathering. Hope everyone has a great time. I hope to catch up with you all later on down the road . . . . In the meantime, if you ever head out to "happy valley," let me know, okay? 

09/27/14 04:43 PM #25    

Fred Flesch

I had a blast last year, and would love to attend again this year. Unfortunately, I will not be able to be there. Please have a beer for me.

09/29/14 12:55 PM #26    

Ann O'Donnell (Farias)

Hope to see everybody in the Summit. - Ann O'Donnell (Farias)


10/03/14 04:11 PM #27    

Kim Bujnowski (Corning)

Dear friends, 

It is hard to imagine a year ago, next week, we gathered, renewed friendships, laughed, danced, ate, and were back in a place that I loved so much. I was so thankful to be included and Beth, Nettie, Maggie, especially made me feel welcomed and cared for. What a joy the entire time was.

I will not join you this year, but will think of you during the homecoming weekend, I have done just that, for over 35 years!  As many of you know, our family is grieving the loss of our son, Matt, who left us, just after the reunion weekend, Thank you for reaching out in prayer, cards, notes, calls, facebook messages.  Please continue to pray for us, for the strength in each day, for our faith to accept what seems

 If you visit Chicago, please look for me.   Enjoy the gathering, and again, my gratitude .

Kim Bujnowski Corning

10/18/14 09:01 AM #28    

Teg Baxter

Hi all ..looking forward to next week


Right now the weather looks pretty good for next week Friday and Saturday.  sunny and 60.

The plan as it stands Friday is Happy Hour at  State Street Grill

Greg is in Thursday and Deb and I will be in Friday early afternoon.  We are stopping in the Duboiis Clearfield area for a little "culture"  on the way from Michigan.  We look forward to the color tour on the way.

We will throw out some activites on this Message Forum to get together Saturday (Homecoming Football) and Saturday night ..Any ideas are welcome.  We are really vistors these days as CS has changed so much.

Sunday is open too if anyone is interested

We can use Nichols for a meeting place too.  Greg, Teg, and my sister Linda all have rooms there. I cannot remember if Maggie is there also. We hope to be in the back up the hill where we have the patios and common area for a pregame picnic or get togethers during the weekend.

Stay tuned as Greg and I are going to talk tomorrow ...

Be good, safe and take care



10/18/14 09:03 AM #29    

Teg Baxter

Kim we will miss you and pray for you and your family.  We hope we can see you and your family soon.  Take care

Love ya


10/19/14 11:11 PM #30    

Bob Kent


Sorry that I can't be there next weekend.  I would very much like to be.  I truly enjoyed last year's reunion and seeing all of you.  I have fond memories of Clarks Summit and the Abingtons, Abington Heights Sr. High School, and all of you.  Unfortunately, business is getting in the way next weekend.  Have a drink for me !  I will be thinking of the great time I could be having with all of you.  Take care and have fun !

                                                                    Bob Kent



10/21/14 07:34 AM #31    

Teg Baxter


We will miss you too!  We will have 2 dinks for you!  This will not be the last lets stay in touch and see about next year.  Take care


10/22/14 08:28 AM #32    

Teg Baxter

Hey Beth your email is "undeliverable"  do you have a new one?  Hope to see you this weekend!


10/22/14 06:33 PM #33    

Cynthia Fanning (Champlin)

Hi..I was just wondering what time everyone is meeting on Friday at State Street?

10/23/14 06:17 PM #34    

Maggie Gerrity (Felton)

Yes, Karen Ostroski Wetherby and I plan to be at the State Stree Grill tomorrow, Friday, for Happy Hour, around 5pm.  We plan to stay and have dinner later on.  Please join us! 

Brian, I think your ideas of either MrGrath's or Blu Wasabi are good choices for Saturday night. I happened to drive by McGrath's a few months ago and saw it was hopping, and my brother recently told me about Blu Wasabi. Maybe we can decide tomorrow night! 

Looking forward to seeing all who can make it tomorrow night!!

Maggie Gerrity Felton

10/24/14 03:47 PM #35    

Linda Reese (Arcurie)

So sorry I will not be able to make it. I am apparently a late bloomer and decided to go back to graduate school to get my Nurse Practitioner in Adult/Geriatric Primary Care. I have tests this weekend and will not be able to see all of you. Have a great time!!

10/26/14 03:38 PM #36    

Brian Calvey

Great to see all....was great to spend time together,

to those who travelled in.. thank you

41 and a half years...." dont they go by in a blink"

Do any of you need bail money?

All the best


10/27/14 04:08 PM #37    

Linda Smith (DeRiso)

Hi Everyone!
Wish I could have been there to see everyone this past weekend. Next time.
Linda Smith DeRiso

10/28/14 11:49 AM #38    

Teg Baxter

Great to see everyone...they released several of us  from the pokey early Sunday for confession

If someone could post the pictures from Fri and Saturday ..would be great

Good time everyone ..great to see you all and look forward to the next time.  For those of you who had prior engagements ..we missed you!


Here is the summation of the mini reunion

12-14 people met at State street Grill

Yes we did sit outside for dinner

Who says 59 year olds are wimps..the only thing missing were shots..maybe next year


Saturday we had an impromptu tail gate on the patios of  rooms 400-403 at Nichols village and then to the game ..we must be bad luck two losses in a row.


Of course at some point a nap was in order.


8 of us  reregrouped and had dinner at 6:30 at Colarussos ...we had a blast!  We were sarenaded by acoustic guitar and because of the 70's era songs we sang along ..I am waiting for my recording contract

McGraths was too far and Blue Wasabi was booked till 9:30 well past our bedtime

Really had a good time and look forward to another get together



10/29/14 09:52 AM #39    

Ann O'Donnell (Farias)

Teg- some of us are still 58. And can't help you with the pokey, only do personal injury law.

10/29/14 08:19 PM #40    

Christine Davis

So sorry I missed you all.  Next time, I will be there.  Promise.  Keep posting here.  I will keep checking for the next shindig... and Yes!  some of use are 38 and holding, LOL


10/29/14 09:25 PM #41    

Jack Perry (Perry)

Sorry I missed this, I really enjoyed the reunion last year and would have enjoyed getting together this year as well. Unfortunately, I didn't hear about it until it was too late. I will keep a closer eye on the webpage, no that I can get on it again thanks to Beth!

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